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  1. Personnel Grouping Frequency Analyzing the usage league-wide as well as efficiencies out of each grouping. Useful to study defenses as well
  2. Sharp Box Score The most efficient use of your time to understand a game's final score 
  3. Situational Success Rates & Ranks (OFF) Allows you to filter by a number of metrics to see performance & ranks vs rest of NFL (also view the sister page for defenses)
  4. Strength of Schedule (OFF) Because understanding context as it relates to opponents is a massive edge in analysis & no one presents SOS in a more relatable yet detailed manner (also view the sister page for defenses)
  5. Trending Performance (OFF) The latest viz created - define your own trend period to see success rates & explosiveness YTD and trending
  6. Situational Run:Pass Ratios (OFF) An easy way to visualize team tendencies - set margin to one-score to exclude large leads/deficits
  7. Playcalling Tendencies Unparalleled way to view and understand what a team is trying to do and whether it is their most successful approach
  8. Receiving Success Rate Over Average (SROA) A revolutionary viz which allows users to study where on the field QBs and receivers are most successful compared to league averages (also view the sister page for rushing)
  9. Directional Receiving Performance Cones (OFF) Reference hub to see where a quarterback is throwing, how often and what his success and rating is to those locations
  10. Target Rate By Position (DEF) Perfect to understand matchups and positional leverage on a weekly basis - extremely useful for DFS (also view the sister page for offense)
  11. Directional Receiving Grid (OFF) A quick way to see how receivers are utilized based on target location, while studying target frequency, passer rating & success rate
  12. Passer Rating Table (by QB) (OFF) A "traditional" page, sharing passer rating data, but allows for easy filtering by pass location, shotgun/huddle, field zone, lead & much more