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Basics and FAQ

Optimal Viewing:  The visualizations are designed for optimal display at a website zoom of 100%.  To achieve 100% on your browser: 

1) from the VIEW menu, select ZOOM and choose 100%.  Alternatively, RESET the view to 100% by typing CTRL+0. 

2) refresh the webpage and the properly scaled visualization will load.

If you prefer to navigate zoomed out, you can do that but when you find a graphic you want to review, zoom in for optimal viewing.

Primary Navigation:  Users can either 1) use the navigation drop down menus or 2) click on the main offense or defense tab to see a listing of all visualizations for each side of the ball.  When looking at the the main offense or defense page, click the image for the visualization to view.  When the image appears, click the chain link icon at the bottom right to jump directly to that page.

New Graphic Introduction:  If you have suggestions for new visualizations or graphics, share them with us by using the contact page.  Your idea might make the cut and be included as a new visualization in the future.

Success Rates:  Using success rates to measure efficiency is superior to traditional yards per play (per pass or per rush) because it adds a layer of context to the play:  the down and distance to go.  Example:  a 10 yard run on 3rd and 26 will add 10 yards/carry to a running back's average.  But that play resulted in 4th and 16 and thus, an unsuccessful attempt to convert a first down (and graded as an unsuccessful play).   Success rate is calculated in this manner:  A play is successful when it gains at least 40% of yards-to-go on first down, 60% of yards-to-go on second down and 100% of yards-to-go on third or fourth down.  

Note: Some of the efficiency metrics used in the Strength of Schedule visualizations are from Football

Outsiders DVOA.

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